Bridge is a popular activity amongst our members. There are usually three tables playing on our weekly Tuesday morning Club meetings. Members are encouraged to join in and beginners are offered help to master the basics of the game.  


Much of the Club's  interest in bridge was originally engendered by a former member, the late Douglas Bernard, who not only taught a number of our members the basics of the game but also wrote the book “Social Bridge with Serious Fun”, which was based on his teaching experience within Gayton Probus. 


Bridge Book by Douglas Bernard, former Gayton Probus member
Bridge book by former Gayton Probus Club member

Douglas presented the Club with a trophy to be played for annually. This competition is great fun, since it can involve some interesting couples plaqying together.


From September to April a team of eight members play a match against our neighbour, Heswall Probus Club.


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Bridge is enjoyed by Probus Club members