Tuesday morning meetings


These  take place between 9am and noon at the Pensby Recreational Centre. They are the heart-beat of the Club, with members joining in conversation or playing bridge or table tennis. They may stop for a quick coffee or stay all morning. You can be sure of a real buzz about the room and stay as long as you like.



Our group of volunteers, known affectionately as 'The A Team' provide the cement for the meetings.  They set set out  tables for coffee, bridge and table tennis and move the display cases of our 'book exchange'. These baristas take take responsibility for the provision of refreshments. They come to the fore in the provision of seasonal 'refreshments' for our Christmas  Party. They greet newcomers and confidently answer all questions directed at them, seemingly whether they know the answers or not.


'The A Team' provide tea and coffee at Gayton Probus